non woven bags manufacturing machine with handle online
Fully Automatic Non Woven Bag Making Machine
1. Fully automatic non woven bag making machine, Roll non woven fabric as material, Auto feeding, Folding, Welding, Slitting, Loop handle attaching, Collecting. Save man power.
2. Super sonic welding, Strong and durable. Maximize the load-bearing capacity.
3. High Speed, up to 100pcs / minute.
4. Reliability and Stability, 23 years manufacturing experiences, All parts used are run in over time, eliminating many unreliable or inappropriate suppliers.
5. Our after-sales service is very simple: responsibility + qualified team.

1. Feature
Fully Automatic Non Woven Bag Making Machine: 
Raw material auto folding -> Bag month folding -> Thermal bonding -> Side folding -> Bottom sealing ->Bottom edge cut -> Online impression -> Loop handle fix -> Thermal bonding -> Bag cut ->Collection

It make box type non woven bag with loop handle automatically, And also can make other different kinds like: flat bag, normal handle bag, vest bag, rope wearing bag, or laminated. 
Touchscreen controller, Enable the adjustment of size and loop handle easily. 


2.Machine Technical Data
1Roller width1250mm1450mm
2Bag making speed40-100pcs/min40-100pcs/min
3Bag length100-800mm100-800mm
4Bag Height200-580mm200-680mm
5Max Gusset180mm180mm
6Power supply220V 50Hz220V 50Hz
7Total power22KW22KW
8Rated power22KW22KW
9Overall sizeL 12000* W 2600* H 2000mmL 12000* W 2600* H 2000mm
10Weight of Machine4100KGS (40HQ*1)4100KGS (40HQ*1)
11Handle length380-600mm380-600mm
12Handle width25-30mm25-30mm

3. Bags it can make: 

i. Box bag
ii. Toti Version non woven bag
iii. D-cut bag
iv. Draw strain bag
v. U-cut or T-shirt bag


4. Mechanical Details: