Automatic Paper Bowl Making Machine Paper Soup Bowl Making Machine Big Size Paper Cups Making Machine

1.Adopt Open Cam drive the main table, easy maintenance, more stable and reliable.

2.10 molds instead of 8 molds turn table, more efficient and stable.

3.Gears & Axis, shaft, cam control movement, more efficient & accurate.

4.HMI & PLC Program computer control, easy operate, fault auto-stop and easy solution.

5.All procedure sensor detects (control all step), Less wastage & fault, Reliable.

6.Self lubrication (Automatic Oil Lubrication for machine moving part), long life time.

7.Import electric Elements, Superior Bearing & Quality material, more durable and reliable.

8.Working power only 5 KWH, save electric power cost.

9.Speed improved to 70~80 pcs/minute (single PE can run faster than double PE), save worker cost.
Paper Soup Bowl Machine forms Paper Bowl Paper Soup Bowl Big Size Paper Cups completely automatically. It is capable of reliably manufacturing a range of different paper cup specifications through numerous rows of automatic paper feeding, servo feeding, ultrasonic welding, manipulator paper tube transfer, oil injection, bottom flushing, bottom folding, preheating, krabing, cup unloading, and other continuous processes. It is a paper bowl machine that our company independently developed after making extensive technological advancements to increase the stability of the entire machine. Our company's technology, stable and reliable manufacturing capabilities, and other advantages have made this machine the absolute leader in the world
Material180-350gsm Single/DoublePE
Total Power14KW15KW
Working Power10KW11KW

Quality OPEN CAM control main divide movement.

10 molds

Bottom Auto Punch and feed to mold

Servo motor feed bottom paper