4 or 6 Color Flexo Printing Machine CI Type
DCWY-1400 / 1600
1. Better color registration, due to large drum support system. especially for extensible materials.

2. Heater & blower automatically controlled by system.

3. Individual drying oven and air dryer prevent ink adhesion.

4. Auto brake system, if the being printed object broken, the system will stop the machine form keep running.

5. EPC & Auto tension control system.

4 Color /  6 Color central impression flexographic printing machine can print on:
1. Polyethylene,
2. Glass
3. Paper 
4. Non Woven

Main parameter:
Technical Specification
Material width1600mm1600mm
Max Printing Width1560mm1560mm
Colors6 colors4 colors
Material filmPaperfilmnon woven fabric
Thickness of plate1.7mm1.7mm
Customized is availableCustomized is available
Printing lengthStandard is 400mmStandard is 400mm
Customized is available from 300-1000mmCustomized is available from 280-800mm
Max. running speed150m/min150m/min
Printing  speed120m/min120m/min (according to material, thickness and so on)
Structure typeCentral impressioncentral drumCentral impressioncentral drum
Gear driveGear drive

Detail Picture:
Plate Roller:
(each color with 1 pc)
standard 400mm 
plate range 300--800mm.
Auto tension control & magnetic power
Balance unit for Unwind & rewind
Air shaft
 Ultrasonic Web guide
Swift tracking print photo .
Ceramic Anilox Roller
Chamber doctor Blade
Ink pump (each color with 1 pcs )
Central drum
Color registration adjusting by motor
Push the button to move cylinder left and right to adjusting the registration.
Auto lubrication
Heat dryer
Auto pneumatic loading&unloading for unwinding and rewinding
PLC Control