Biodegradable T Shirt Bag Making Machine
1. Easy clean turn knife system

2. 2 lines EPC control system

3. Easy adjust gusset device

4. Automatic tension control unwind
BiodegradableT ShirtBagMakingMachine

Automatic Super High Speed T-Shirt Bag Making Machine


Computer Heat-sealing and Heat-cutting T-shirt bag making machine (two lines)


Using HDPE and LDPE roll film, it is used to produce printed double-lane or plain vest bags and t-shirt bags. PLC control and two servo motors are used.

control and the touch screen's actual display to complete the feeding, sealing, cutting, and punching in a single step, which can significantly reduce the amount of labor required and produce a positive financial outcome.

Technical Parameter:
Bag length370-700mm370-700mm370-700mm
Width of bag making(Max.)500mm400mmx2Line300mmx2Line
Width size of cutting knife580mm480mmx2Line380mmx2Line
Speed of bag making(Max.)250pcs250pcsx2Line220pcsx2Line
Line speed125M/min125M/min100M/min
Total power10KW18.5KW20KW
Machine weight2800kg3100kg3800kg
Machine dimension8000x1350x1800mm8000x1850x1800mm10000x2000x2000mm


The Unwinder:
1. The maximum diameter of the unwinder, which uses an air cylinder automatic load design, is 700 mm.
2. The feeding speed is in accordance with the producing speed and is controlled by an AC frequency motor driving constant tension.
3. A heavy-chain air shaft is used for the unwinding shaft.
4. EPC and automatic tension control are present in the unwinder component.
5. Automatic stop mechanism for damaged or finished rolls of film

The Automatic EPC control:
1. This gadget is unique to this fast model.
2. This EPC device can be used to control the film feeding and correct it to the proper position when roll film is fed so quickly that the film moves a little to the left and right.
3. The EPC system will increase machine productivity.
4. Control of two lines by a single EPC system

The Sealing And Cutting Knife Device:
1. Sealing the knife with a 90-degree"turnover"device, which makes it simple to clean the knife and improves maintenance accessibility
2. There is no paste between the mouths of the two bags, and the entire set is designed to sway (ITALY DESIGN).
3. Completely automatic leveling and tacking of the entire set.

TheHydraulic air cylinder punch:
1. With a Taiwanese 5-ton hydraulic air cylinder punch,
2. The bag-clamping clip's motor is a 1.5 KW AC inverter motor.
3. Automatically gather bags and stack them with a double-folding device.