Automatic square bottom paper bag making machine
DCZZ-A330 / A400 / A550
1. Full Automatically producing square bottom paper bag, from roll paper to handle attached paper bag.

2. Touch screen control system & adjustable forming template, easy control the size of bag, length of handle and speed.

3. High quality electronic and mechanical parts ensure it's steady & efficiency.

4. Hydraulic auto lifting system & auto tension control unwinding device, ensure you will have an happy operation worker.

5. Tinuo after service team Make sure there's nothing left to worry about.
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Model: 330400550
Feeding Paper Roll ≤1500mm Φ
Core Diameter76mm
Material Paper Thickness80-140g
Bag Width Range200-320mm200-400mm 200-550mm 
with handle
150-320mm150-400mm  220-550mm  
without handle
Bag Length Range280-410mm 280-500mm380-650mm 
With handle
280-510mm 280-600mm 380-770mm 
Without handle
Bag Fatness Range80-150mm90-200mm80-210mm
Handle Height110mm110mm-120mm
Handle width45-50mm45-50mm
Handle patch length152.4mm190.5mm
Handle rope rangeΦ4-6mm
Handle roll width90-100mm80-100mm
Handle patch weight100-150g
Power Consumption32KW34KW
Equipment Weight16000KG18000KG
Overall Dimensions14 × 6× 2.5 M15 × 8× 2.5 M15 × 6× 2.5 M





   Simple line twisted rope machine
ModelSingle line
Raw materialKraft paper
Raw material width20-100mm
Raw material weight22-66g
Raw material  diameter400mm
Twisted rope diameter2.5-6mm
Twisted rope roll diameter300mm
Twisted rope roll width300mm
Paper core diameter76mm
Total power1.5kw
Total weight200kg
Machine size1580*1150*930mm


Twisted rope rewind machine

Final rope diameter600mm
Max rewind inner diameter180mm
Machine power2.2kw
Machine wight150kg
Machine size(LWH)1050*800*1200mm