Biodegradable Garbage Bag Making Machine
This is a high speed draw tape garbage bag making machine with bag on roll.
Biodegradable Garbage Bag Making Machine

Automatic biodegradable draw tape garbage bag making machine

This is a high speed draw tape garbage bag making machine with bag on roll.

Hot air sealing unit
The design on this unit seals the top with hot air. Continuous sealing increases productivity.
Fully automatic rewinding machine for perforation bag-on-roll without core (automatic changing)

• Cordless winding of film rolls.
• Alarm system for auto stop.
• Automatic jam detection system.
• Automatic reset of film roll transfer.

Technical Parameter:
Unwinder width1000 mm1000 mm
Unwinder diameterΦ900 mm(max.) Φ900 mm(max.)
Height of bag making500-900mm500-900mm
Width of bag making300-1000mm300-1000mm
Bag making speed100pcs/min100pcs/min
Line speed60m/min60m/min
Rewinding width300mm300mm
Max.diameter of rewindingΦ130mmΦ160mm
Finished roll exchange times7rolls/min(max.)8rolls/min(max.)
Film thickness0.025-0.06mm0.025-0.06mm
Total power≈21KW≈19KW
Machine dimension[LxWxH]15000 x 2800 x3000mm 12500 x 2800 x 3000mm
Machine weight4500kg4100kg
Air compressor7.5HP(not included)

hole punch part

Triangle folding

Drawstring unwinding



Automatic biodegradable Soft Loop Handle Bag Making Machine


This machine make garbage plastic bags, is producing rolling bag . Also can make star bag, garbage bag. Vegetable bag and table bag.Fully automatic exchange system can reduce the labour force,in the excellent servo driven system ,it is the best choice for producing printed bag and blank bag. Easy for operate.


1. Used 4 units of servo motor driving ,improve the speed and stability
2. Long time but low temperature sealing way ensures the quality of the bag.
3. Perforation line always keeps a same distance from the sealing line to ensure there won't be any defect whenever in changing of different length.
4. Principles of sealing system uses swing, do not stop feeding
5. Newly design paper core automatic feeding, positing and auto exchange new rolling

1)     Auto label adding device
2)     Double sealing device
3)     Folding device

Technical Parameter
Unwinder width900mm(Single line)1200mm (Single line)
300mmx2 (Double line)
Maximum unwinding width when C folding
Unwinder diameterф 1000mm (max.)ф 1000mm (max.)
Length of bag making250-10000mm250-10000mm
Bag making speed250pcs/min250pcs/min
Max Depth of side gusset30-100mm
Line speedCored - 80m/minCored - 80m/min
Coreless - 100m/minCoreless -100m/min
Rewinding widthCored - 600mm(Single line)  300mm x 2 (Double line)
Coreless - 600mm(Single line)  300mm x 2 (Double line)
200mm(Double line)
Film unwind widthMaximum at C-fold 900mm
Max.diameter of rewindingф160mmф160mm
Finished roll exchange timesCoreless 6 rolls/min Coreless 4 rolls/min
Film thicknessHDPE 0.015-0.04mmHDPE 0.015-0.04mm
LDPE 0.02-0.08mmLDPE 0.02-0.08mm
Total power≈18.8KW≈18.8KW
Machine dimension[LxWxH]6600X3300X1900mm8600X3600X1900mm
Machine weight2900kg2900kg
Air compressor6HP (Excluding air compressor)