Biodegradable Mulch Film Blowing Machine
3 layers high speed Plastic co-extrusion Film Blowing Line

3 layers high speed Plastic co-extrusion Film Blowing Line

    1. Valid film lay flat width: 600~1300mm
    2. Film thickness: the best scope 0.03~0.15mm
    3. Raw materials: LDPE; LLDPE; HDPE ;MLLDPE ,and EVA ;
    4. The structure of film: ABC;
    5. Film tolerance: ≤±7%(when the thickness is 0.07mm)
    6. Output: about100-160kg/h, depending on resin and product dimensions
    7. Extrusion output310kg/h
    8. the total power capacity:155KW ,380V/50HZ
    9. Line outer dimensions: 11500x5500x9200mm (L x W x H)
    10. The weight of machine: 22000kg
    11. Painting :first wash and clean and polish smooth,
Second anti rusty painting, paint final color twice

Ⅱ.Extruder: (3Sets)
    1. Screw
      1. Diameter:50mm65mm50mm
      2. L/D ratio: 30:1
      3. Structure: separating, barrier and mixing
      4. Material: 38CrMoA1A,
      5. Heating treatment: forging, heat treatment and nitrification, bimetallic;
    2. Barrel
a. Hole diameter: 50mm65mm50mm
b.Material: 38CrMoA1A,
C.Heating treatment: forging, heat treatment and inner hole nitrification, bimetallic
    1. Max. screw rotating speed: 110r/min
    2. Forced water chilling for feed section of barrel, adopted ceramic heater with inner cooling structure for transmission, measure and mixing sections.
    3. Barrel heating zone: three/four zones
    4. Barrel cooling blower: 240x3sets/370Wx4sets/240x3sets
    5. Gear box, JY173/225/173#
  1. Gear type: standard involute cylindrical skew wheel
  2. Material for gear: 20CrMnTi, through high frequency quenched treated and precise grinding.
  3. Lubrication wary: forced all cycle lubrication
  4. Cooling way: force water cycle cooling for oil temperature
  5. Oil filtering way: disassemble outside oil filter with cooler
    1. Extruder main motor:22KW/37KW/22KW;SIEMENSEbrand
    2. controlled by EURA inverter
1.10The max. extrusion of 65mm is 130kg/h;
    The max. extrusion of 50mm is 90kg/h;
1.11 Stainless hopper: 75kg/p
2Screen changer: 3 sets
    1. With domestic melt pressure and temperature sensor before changer,3 sets

3Die head(IBC system) & Chiller: 1 set
Introduced advanced technology from Germany,designed by CAD,use imported German TC2.8K four-axis simultaneous machining center to produce spiral die.The die will be with features of high precision,good finish and no deformation.

3.1 Basic Structure: 3 layer spiral type
3.2 Die Material: All made of 40Cr alloy steel.Through forging, heat treatment , processed in 5 axis machining center ,then applying advanced polishing technology to make the dies surface as smooth as mirror. To ensure the flow channel evenly distribute materials and make sure that there is no stagnation area in the products, dies are further processed by non-electrolytic nickel plating, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the dies are also enhanced.  
3.3 Diameter: Ф250~320mm.
3.4 Cold state die clearance: 2.4mm
3.5 dual display automatic temperature control
3.6 Heater: cast aluminum heater
    1. Heavy loading trolley frame to fix die
 Lifting unit for air ring, die ring die mandrel
    1. IBC system (Optional parts)
  IBC (ultrasonic closed-loop servo-control) system consists of gas exchange device, internal cooling air ring, in and out air blower , signal detection and control circuits, etc... The system not only can rapidly cooling bubble, exhaust inner heat, water molecules and emissions of bubble,but also can supply new cooling air , lower the inner temperature of
the bubble, increase the output and improve the mechanical properties of films and so on.
3.8-1Bubble Internal Cooling Gas Exchange Device: One set
3.8-2Bubble Internal Cooling Control System: Mitsubishi PLC control system
3.8-3 Bubble Detection Sensor: Three sets, ultrasound detection sensor,
from Germany P + F,
3.8-4Inlet and outlet air blower: 2 sets ,7.5KW centrifugal blower
control by EURA frequency converter.
    1. Chiller 1 set  (Optional parts)
3.9-1 Cold water machine + cooler exchanger 2 sets
3.9-2 cooling capacity 49966Kcal/h (58.1Kw)
3.9-3 Compressor power : 8.96*2KW
3.9-4 Temperature control range:5℃35℃
3.9-5 voltage:3PH~380V   50HZ
3.9-6 refrigerant :R22
3.9-7 In-out water:2"(inch)
3.9-8 Condenser type: efficient finned tube type
3.9-9 Evaporator types: efficient coil type
3.9.10 Water chillers main configuration list
1compressorDanfossThe Danish
2Electrical components SCHNEIDERFrance
7Pressure controller FENGSHENTaiwan
9Oil type pressure gauge HONGSENTaiwan
11temperature controller BangpuTaiwan   
12Expansion valve EMERSON/ALOOThe United States
13Hand valve FUGUOTaiwan  
  1. Precision dual lip automaticair ring: 1 set
4.1 Structure: the out air orifice be adjusted according to the processing
    1. Material: cast aluminum
    2. Blower power: 11kw, 1 set, controlled by EURA inverter.

Ⅲ.Take off unit and -oscillating rotating system &EPC system
5Traction system reverses horizontally for ± 360 °, to ensure that the film maintains a constant linear velocity. The driven system, collapsing unit, traction devices and film rotating device are moving relatively to the bubble at the speed of 0. 1 - 0. 3r / min for ± 360 °, so that the thickness deviation caused by die, the air ring and the tower frame is distributed at random, which ensures that the high-quality film are rolled at the winder. (Optional parts)
    1. Traction Frame: three layer, square integrated structure
5.2 Structure Type: horizontally ± 360 ° rotary
5.3 Rotary Motor: Dragged by 550W motor and, Frequency Adjusted by frequency converter
5.4 Motor of Upper Traction: 1.5KWfrequency brand
5.5 V-shaped Device: Adopts aluminum alloy guide roll V-shaped plate, which synchronously rotating with upper rotation device.
5.6Corrective Device (EPC system): Ultrasonic sensing detection correction, ensured the accuracy of detection
5.7 Under Traction Device: pneumatic-operated clamping device with two rollers,
traction motor power 1.5KWControl system is EURA frequency .
5.8 Bubble Stabilized Frame: cage type bubble stabilized frame, one set
Bubble cage controlled by electric motor drive, retractable roller is bent with turning point type and with material aluminum fluorine coated so that not stick and break the film.
    1. Corona 1 set  (Optional parts)
The detail information of corona
Input voltage and frequencyAC 380V ,50Hz ,3-phase (or to buyer’s inquire, like AC440v)
Output voltage15kv
Output power6KW
Operating frequency15~40KHz
Humidity condition-10℃--+40℃
The efficiency>95%
It adopts the imported driver circuit and use the Siemens module as the IGBT in the main loop.
It locks the operating frequency automatically. It has the function of soft-start, which can reduce the pollution to the net.
It has kinds of protection such as phase absence, phase error, over voltage and short circuit protection.
Short circuit electronic protection on inverter power modules
Electronic protection against any short circuits at the high voltage output.
Push Button Front Panel Controls (the operating time is longer than digital display)of Treatment Power.
Panel is compact and light weight
Zero speed / Short Ckt. Trip with Audio/ Visual Alarm
    The electrode rack
The model of the electrode rackTotally enclosed type
The line speed30-35m/min for blown film line
The material of the roll AL.
The film width1500mm
The corona roll width1600mm
The diameter of corona treater80mm
Materials to be treatedPE
No. of treating side2
Film typePE for blown film line
Treatment level requestedAt least 38-40dyne on film
The model of the blade electrode aluminium alloy
The protections of stop-running and rack-opening prevent the roller from burning
The electrode rack can be opened through a pneumatic system to facilitate the threading up of the film when starting with the production.
All of the rolls have already treated with dynamic and static balance.
Gap regulation system, once the electrode has been aligned, there is the possibility to set the right gap.

6.1 Inner platform and inclined ladder are assembled with safe banister
6.2 A group of aluminum alloy guiding roll
6.3 A group of curved spreaded roll

Ⅳ.Winding unit Winding unit (automatic winder)
7. Winder: 1 set (automatic winder)
7.1. Winding mode: surface friction back to back double automatic winder ,
controlled by EURA inverter
              Cutting film and change the roller by automatic;
              The cylinder equipped the PAIKE brand
              All the winder control system in PLC
              1 sets automatic tension controll  (Optional parts)
7.2. Winding motor power: 1.5kw
7.3Max. film width:1500mm
7.4Max. reel width: 800mm
7.5Max. winding speed: 60m/min
7.6Winder shaft: 3 inch x 5 pieces
7.7the width of roller is 1600mm
7.8the open knifes 2sets
7.9the slitting knife 3sets
7.10 Recycle waste film system on line 
The recycle system on line detail information as below
Film recycling machine
Crush motor:  1.5 [HP]
Turning diameter:  130mm
Length of knife[mm]:  123
Knife material :  Tungsten steel
Fixed qty of knifes[PC/set]:  2
Qty of turning knife[PC/set]:  3
Mesh sizemm]:  3-5
Windmill motor:  2[HP]
Screw motor:  1/2HP
Cyclone separator[mm]:  300
Working capacity[kg/hr]:  15-30
Packing size L*W*H(M):   1.1*0.9*0.8M
Weight [KGS]:   180KGS
Hopper type conveying screw
.Electrical Control System
The main motor choose SIEMENSE brand motor  
The inverter adopt the EURA brand
The PLC choose SIEMENS brand
The contact and relay and switch adopt the Schneider brand
The temp.controller adopt the Omronbrand
The SSR choose the Omron brand
The bearing of winder and haul-off roll adopt LK brand
The cylinder for winder fly knife choose PAIKE brand

.The working situation of machine:
Uthe power :three phase ,four wire 380V-5%+5%),50Hz
(2)The total powerAbout155KW   
(3).The recycle cooling watertemperature: ≤20℃About 60   ≥0.3Mpa
(4.)Air compressor:>0.5Mpa
(5.)placeIn factory without surround wind
(6.)The temperature of factory0-35℃

Ⅶ. The spare parts:
(1) The heater for extruder: 4 pieces (different types)
(2) The heater for screen changer: 4 pieces
(3) The heater for die head: 2 pieces
(4) 5 pieces K style thermocouple
 (5) The air cock for air shaft: 2piece,
 (6) The cable and the gas circuit of the machine



Automatic deviation correction system

Corona treater