Biodegradable Plastic T-Shirt Bags Manufacturing Machine U-Cut
The biodegradable bag making machine aims to provide people with a convenient, practical, and efficient method of making shopping bags in order to better protect the environment. Before the era of biodegradable bag making machines, people tended to generate a lot of non-biodegradable plastic garbage in their daily lives, which led to land pollution and severe damage to the environment. The use of biodegradable plastic bags machine the use of biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags is a recent change in society. Though we offer the right range of biodegradable plastic carry bag making machines at a cost effective price, our main focus is on long term relationships with customers. We offer a fully automatic biodegradable bag making machine, This fully automatic biodegradable bag making machine is one of the most advanced and highly productive units available in the market
Biodegradable U Cut Bag Making Solution, T Shirt Bag Machine With Printing, Biodegradable Film Blowing PLA / PBAT With Starch or CaCO

Biodegradable U Cut Bag Making Solution, T Shirt Bag Machine With Printing, Biodegradable Film Blowing PLA / PBAT With Starch or CaCO

Biodegradable Film Blowing Manufacturing Solution

Film Blowing (+Single color printing) + Bag Making


BiodegradableFilm blowing machine 
With Single Color Printer

General parameters:
Model: DCSCZ600 film width: 600mm
Output capacity: about 60kg/h Note: production depends on the width/thickness of the film power supply: 380V three-phase; 50Hz
Raw material: biodegradable material
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 4200mm x 3000mm x 5000mm
Weight: about 3000kg

Extruder device:
The main motor power is 18.5KW
Screw diameter: 55mm screw aspect ratio: 30:1
Screw speed: 5-100rpm Film thickness: 0.02-0.1mm Gearbox: Model 173
Special screw for all biodegradable materials
Heater: stainless steel heater
Die head for full biodegradable material: size 150mm
Aluminum alloy air ring ×1 set (6 intake hoses)

Traction device:
Sleeve pressure film: 165mm×700mm, a pair of steel cots, cylinder control
Film embossing: 165mm×700mm, embossing, a pair of cots, cylinder control guide rollers: 2
Board foam bracket with Angle support plate device and frame motor lifting tower height adjustment
Film taking speed: 5-40m/min
Width of ladder and path plate: 60cm

Single winding:
Rewinding type: Friction rewinding
Wound motor: 8N/M torque motor
Torque motor adopts speed control, easy to operate metal cots diameter 700mm×250mm
Maximum winding diameter: 600mm Film changing shaft: 2
Control Panel:
Use digital thermostat to control the temperature of cylinder and die head
Frequency converter controls the driving speed of the main motor and the running speed of the coil motor
3. The electronic products used are all famous brands in China
4 Ammeter and voltmeter show the working state of the motor
5 Install a small fan to avoid high temperature caused by prolonged operation

Roll Feeding Bag Making Machine:

General features:
Higher cutting speed with better sealing effect. Servo motor and touch screen used on automatic punching machine. Bags folded once after handle cutting on punching machine
Hot sealing and hot cutting, highly automatic to produce stronger T-Shirt bags
Double photocell enables to cut printed bags
Double Japanese servo motor installed to pull the rubber roller
CL-2015 Position controller controls the operation, clear settings system for easy operation
Air tank installed on both cutting and punching part to enhance air supply
Static eliminator to get rid of statics on film surface for better cutting
Automatic punching machine with touch screen and bag folding function
Digital temperature controllers to adjust the temperature of the heating bar
Servo motor and drive used on punching machine, to ensure steady operation
Voltage transformer used to heat the cutting blade
both sealing and punching machine controlled by touch screen
Cutting linesingle lineDouble line
Bag width700mm430mm
Bag length1000mm800mm
Cutting speed50-150pcs/min180-280pcs/min
Step motor37N/M
Main motor2.2KW
Heating Capacity5KW
Air pressure needed0.5-0.8Mpa
Power supply220V, 50Hz
Installed dimension5.5×1.45×1.8M5.5×1.65×1.8M

Machine configuration:
special controller + touch screen
servo motor 3 kw
Temperature Control: Yatai intelligent constant temperature control
Temperature anomalies, no feeding,stuck automatic stop
Pneumatic feeding + pneumatic core shaft
Inverter adopts Taiwan shi Lin,
air valve Taiwan JINGQI,
punch press PLC adopts the XINGJIE
pressure cylinder Taiwan KuangXin 5 t