Bread Paper Bag Machine
The V-bottom paper bag machine uses printing-grade or real original colored paper like kraft paper, glossy paper, or medical paper roll.
Puncture, center glue, color code length, raw material into a tube, set of long retreat, bottom fold bottom, and bottom glue make up the procedure, completed once. Every stage of the production process will be run by automatic systems. It runs effectively, reliably, and conveniently.
It is used to make a range of paper bags, including Fenestration bread bags, leisure food bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags, and other environmentally friendly paper bags. From our sales personnel to our management, every aspect of business operation is under professional and strict control, ensuring quality stability
PaperBag length100-450mm160-715mm
PaperBag width70-250mm70-350mm
Side Width20-120mm20-120mm
Bag mouth height15/20mm15/20mm
Production speed3-300pcs/min50-650pcs/min
Power380v 3phase4wire24kw380v 3phase5wire27.1kw
Paper Roll Core diameterΦ76mmΦ76mm
Paper thickness35-80g/m235-80g/m2
Air source≥0.12/min0.5-0.8MPa≥0.12/min0.5-0.8MPa