Commercial Use Vacuum Packer
Vacuum packing machine
Single chamber vacuum packing machine
It is a single chamber vacuum ideal for small to medium production typically selected by small to medium independent processors, hotels, restaurants, institutions.
Vacuum packing machine
Single chamber vacuum packing machine
It is a dingle chamber vacuum ideal for samll to medium prodution typiacally selected by small to medium indepent processors, hotels, reastaurants, institutions.
1. Transparent lid provides clear visibility for packaging operations
2. Deep chamber
3. Three Operation modes possible Vacuum only/vacuum and gas/seal only
4. Equipped with caster with braker for easy moving
5. Compact design
6. Long seal bars available
7. Stainless steel structure for maximun durability
8. Equipped with excellent vacuum pumps
9. Excellent double sealing system(can also made by single sealing)
10. Simple operate microcomputer system

1. Extended shelf life
2. Better presentaion
3. Increased profitability
4. Increased productivity
5. Maintain food's freshness and original flavor
7. Avaliable for sepcial applicant
Fresh meat, process meat, sea food, vegetable, agriculture products, tea leaves, herbs, powder pices, prepard food
Electric parts, hard ware products, medical instruments, medicine cloting and so on
Voltage(V/Hz)110/220 50-60
Pump power(kw)0.9
Vacuum Chamber(mm)420X436X75
Sealing length(mm)400*10
Pump capcaity(m3/h)20