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computer rotogravure printing machine
Computer Control High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine
I.Technology Parameter
1.Flow direction: From unwind to rewind unit
2.Width of the material: 390-1200mm
3.Diameter of the plate roll:110mm-300mm
4.Width of the plate roll: 400mm-1430mm
5.Max. Diameter of unwinding: 600mm, adopts winding overturn mode by double electro-motion
6.Max Diameter of winding :600mm,adopt unwinding overturn mode by double electro-motion
7.Printing speed:0-130m/min(according to the different materials)
8.Landscape orientation chromatography precision: ≤0.15 mm
9.Length-ways chromatography precision : ≤0.15 mm

II.Main Structure 
1.Unwinding fitting (inside & outside)
  Unwinding frame
(1)Overturn mode by double electro-motion
(2)Controlled from left to right :operated by manual, handle control ±20mm
(3 )Max: Unwinding diameter :600mm
(4)Paper-core specification :76.2mm
2Winding and unwinding intending speed have the auto-accepting and cutting fittings .
  (1) Automatic orientation
  (2) Intending speed is droved by motor .
  (3) ALL functions are automatic finished ,such as accepting material pressing roller, cutting material ,strain switch ,replacement etc.
  (4) Effective diameter for automatic accepting material: ≥200mm  
3 . Feed processing
  (1)According to the speed, materials performance ,it can be automatically controlled the tension ,and ensures the process of chromatically print precision .
  (2) Printing unit
4. Speed
  (1) Plate roller has the automatic function when urgent stopping in order to preventing the plate became dryness.
5. Printing plate roller
  (1)Setting mode :non-shaft core ,gas –withstand structure
  (2)Plate roller control: left and right  or flex can control it ,and controlled by two modes :gas and manual .
  (3)Length-ways chromatically execute structure :dunle precisions to the ball bearing pole ,and the correction distance are 100mm single.
6. Press and print shaft :Integrate the shafts
(1)Mode of press and print:the gas-vat power of press and print can be adjusted freely,double sides press adjusted .
(2) Setting for the press and print shaft:Adopts adjust –center shaft and own the speediness disassembly structure.
(3) Orientation for the press and print shaft :own the steady location structure ,and defend flexible .
(4) Material of the press and print shaft :rubber material ,rigidity 75-80 degree,and rinse the colloid by resist impregnant.
7. Drawknife unit
(1)Adjust the drawknife :it can be controlled by manual for level direction ,upright direction or each point of view .
(2)Drawknife press adjusts:double gas-vat with inverse,range of the press is 0-50kg can be adjusted according to the requirement .
(3)Drawknife swing capacity when it is come and go :10mm
(4)Drawknife material :the big plate is made of aluminum ,and one of the drawknife plywood is made of aluminum ally ,the other is made of armor plate .
8.  Printing ink
(1)Material and the forms of the printing ink box :made of stainless steel ,and the printing plate shaft is immerge the ink box directly .
(2)Adjust the printing ink box :gear and rack structure ,and can be upright elevation.
9. The circle structure of the printing ink box
(1)Start-up the septum and let the printing ink circle
(2)Space of a whole page is in a drought structure ,and it is the line-hole ,hammer-wind tube .
10. Dryness box
(1)Heating form :heating by electricity
(2)Structure form :mesh and gap model ,heat-wind  circle and vent rapidly structure .
(3)Temperature control :automatic constant temperature control.
(4)Unlock mode :guide track mode ,open and close by gas .
11. Roller requirements :
(1)Adjustable roller with the instruction sheet :park in the front of the printing plate roller ,it can be adjusted through the level orientation ,and assistant the landscape orientation chromatically .
12. Drawing unit
(1)Draught for drawing
(2)Structure form :gas-press glue roller +active steel roller draught
(3)Driving form :it is droved by automatic stable power and motor drive controlled .
13.Chromatically system
(1)Control: Length-ways orientation :chromatically system Landscape orientation :echelon pole adjust .
(2)Check mode :reflect mode with double magic eye(have the glisten board)
(3)Pre-chromatically check: circle code
(4)Check precision : ±0.15mm
  (5)Chromatically precision : Landscape orientation: ≤±0.15mm Length-ways orientation: ≤±0.15mm

III. Main feature:
1.The machine also uses in BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, NY and the paper and so on, has the fine film reel of printing performance, the material has multicolor prints continuously.
2.Non-axis justification, printing speed 10-120 meter, mechanical speed 150 meters.
3. Automatic color printing system, each control unit disposition independent microcomputer processor, but rapid accurate revision color printing deviation.
4. Mainly motor adopt frequency adjust.
5. Unwinding tension system, uses the completely automatic permanent tension controller and the magnetic powder brake control.
6 .Rewinding tension, uses the completely automatic permanent tension controller coordination bimoment electrical machinery control, the automatic double working station can make sure the machine change the fabric non stop.
7. Outside the independence sets at the heating, the closed cycle hot blast is dry, but uses electricity frugal 30%. The independent cold bellower cools.
8. Sectional type heating system.
9. The air operated stamping systematic and independent air operated blows the ink system.
10.Printing ink auto cycle system.
11 .Takes in and puts away the material axis to use the gas to rise the axis, the handling operation is convenient.
12. The printing link speed and counts demonstration.
13. The complete machine for the frame type high-test cast iron structure, the stability, the earthquake resistance line is good.
14. Has the color printing deviation indication, the system synthesis drift correction and the ultra difference reports to the alarm the function.
15.The electrical machinery transmission uses the synchronized belt transmission principle of work completely.

IV.main configuration:
1.Magnetic powder brake----Imports or domestic product
2.Air shaft------------------------------------- domestic product
3. Complete in both automatic permanent tension--- PLC Siemens
4. Air blower-----------------------domestic product
5.Air operated part-------------------------------------Taiwan  AirTac
6.Trundle lead screw---------------- Taiwan
7.Chromatically motor --------------------------------- Suzhou China
8.Temperature controls the system---shanghai((domestic product)
9.Shaving knife---------------------Imports Switzerland
10.Main motor -----------------------------------Taiwan Delta
11. Bearing  ---------------------------------------import  Japan (some domestic product)
12.Inverter ----------------------------------------- YASKAWA JAPAN
13.Computer----------------------------------------------- KS China
14.Switch, contact device, indicating meter---- Schneider Germany
15.Static examination picture-------- KS China

V. Free spare parts
1. contactor  3 pieces
2. switch button 6 pieces
3. mushroom switch button 3 pieces
4. power light 3pieces
5. handle transfers valve 2 pieces
6. pressure-regulating valve 2 pieces
7. the regulating presses meter 2 pieces
8. tee joint, straight-through joint ,nonstop alcommodating 5 pieces
9. trachea 10meters
10.diameter 40x15 air cylinder l pieces
11.Flushes air faucet 2pieces
12.synchronous belt 3pieces
13.Imports the shaving knife 10meters
14.stirs ink stick each group of 2pieces
15.Ink trough each group 2pieces
16.In hexagonal head wrench 1set and wrench l set
18.cross character spanner each

VI. Customer request
1. Three-phase 380v 110kw power 3powerline
2. printing ink
3. printing solvent
4. six kilogram gas sources
5. printing plate
6. printing material