Open Cam Paper Cup machine Disposable Paper Cup Making Machine
The OC Serious Disposable paper cup forming machine is a fully automatic paper cup forming device that can reliably produce a wide range of different specifications of paper cups through the use of multiple rows of automatic paper feeding, a paper anti-backoff device (to ensure accurate positioning), ultrasonic welding, manipulator paper tube transfer, oil injection, bottom flushing, bottom folding, preheating, krabing, cup unloading, and other continuous processes. It is a piece of paper cup equipment that our company independently developed to increase the stability of the entire machine through thorough technical improvement.
Speed70-80 Cups / m50-70 Cups / m
Cup Size3-16oz (Mold Changeable)3-16oz (Mold Changeable)
Material160-350gsm One side or Two side PE Coated Paper
Power Source380V 3 Phase, 50Hz
Working Power3.5KW4.5KW
Total Power8KW10KW
Machine Size [LxWxH]2500x1230x1950mm2250x1340x2000mm
Air SourceAir Pressure: 0.6MPa Air Output:0.3-0.5 Cubic Meter/m
Disposable Paper Cup 

Because of the inner lining/barrier, traditional cups are not recyclable. Instead of burdening the recycling industry with non-recyclable plastic-coated paper cups, we've introduced recyclable paper cups with an alternative barrier coating that is easily broken down and significantly reduces the amount of landfill created. Despite the change in the inner coating, everything else remains the same—they look, feel, and function exactly like traditional paper cups, and the manufacturing process is the same, but they are far easier to recycle. Single-wall printed promotional cups are ideal for both cold and hot beverages. Music festivals, events, coffee shops, vending machines, and beverage brands all benefit from this product. Plus With your design printed in full color at nearly photographic quality,