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flexo printing machine printing
Flexo Printing Machine Manufacturer
DCWY-61200 / 61400 / 61600
1, It use rubber plate or (photosensitive resin plate) as media plate, low cost & manpower saving.

2, 2 color / 4 color /6 color optional.

3. Accurate sammeld ruck.
.Procss flow
Auto non woven roll feeding-> Auto tension control, centralization->Printing->Heating and dry->Rewinding part  

2. Printing samples:

II. Machine characteristics

The machine adopts rubber plate or (photosensitive resin plate) as of plate printing machine, professional printing of non-woven material, it is the ideal equipment of non-woven fabric printing.
  1. Simple operation, accurate
  2. The meter counter can set printing quantity according to the number of the automatic stop, broken material automatic stop.
  3. Include the ink roller, uniform process.
  4. Reliable drying system, with high-speed rotation, it will automatically open circuit.
  5. 360 degrees of continuous adjustable longitudinal sets of equipment.
  6. Frequency control, to adapt to the different printing speed.
Suitable Material:
No woven15-150g/
Woven15-120g/Weave fabric15-500g/
Kraft paper40-350g/single-sided coated paper30-350g/
copy paper15-350g/firecrackers and paper40-350g/
paper money and incense25-350g/silicone paper50-350g/
coated paper30-350g/dust-free paper25-350g/
Release paper40-350g/composite paper30-350g/
thermal sensitive paper30-150g/

1. Machine Technical Data
1Roller width1200mm1400mm1600mm
2Max diameter of material rollØ600mm
3Printing width50-1160mm50-1360mm50-1560mm
4Printing speed80m/min80m/min80m/min
5MaterialNon-woven fabric, Paper, Film(PVC.PE.BOPP.PE), Aluminum foil
6Printing length280-1000mm (customized by client)
7Transmission drive typeSynchronous belt
8Thickness of plate2.28mm
9Power supply380V
10Total power30KW33KW35KW
11Overall sizeL5500 * W2200 * H2900 mmL5500 * W2400 * H2900 mmL5500 * W2600 * H2900 mm
12Weight of Machine5500KGS (40HQ*1)5700KGS (40HQ*1)6000KGS (40HQ*1)
  1. Main equipment and Description
1Plate rollerRUIAN CITY6SETSStandard 400mm;
Can be customized plate range 191--1000mm
2Rubber RollerCHINA6SETSTransport the ink to Anilox roller
3Automatic tension control system
&magnetic power
4Air shaftCHINA2SETS
5Automatic correcting deviation system (EPC)CHINA1SETPhotoelectric eye
6Doctor Blade6SETS
7Ink pump6SETS1. Automatic suck the ink
2. Adopt the automatic circle system
8Ceramic Anilox RollerCHINA6SETS300-600 lines/inch
9Up and down plate6SETSAdopt the hydraulic pressure rising and down the printing plate automatically
10Heat dryer (each color with 1 set heater, one long heater channel on the top)1SET1.Big heat dryer with blowing wind drying fast.
2.With Infrared drying and heat blowing drying.
11Synchronous beltJAPENStable transmission, with high register precision
12Main motorMAILI1SET3.7kw
13 Ink operation motorMAILI6SET60w
14Inverter of main motorTAIWANDELTA1SET
15Rewinding motor1SET
17Button SwitchSCHNEIDER
20Hint lightSCHNEIDER
21Revolve Button SwitchSCHNEIDER
22Urgent Stop SwitchSCHNEIDER
Optional device(need extra money to get perfect machine)
1.PLC Control
Control panel
2.Autopneumatic/hydraulic loading&unloading.
It is easy to loading and unloading the material.
3.Joist barrow
Its easy to lift the plate roller
4.Video Inspection
Check the printing quality on the video screen.
5.Big roller friction Rewinding type 
Rewinding the material more tight and keep in line. Special for paper and PP woven.
6.Chamber doctor Blade
Good for high speed. Will not splashing the ink even high speed running.
7.Press roller for tight Rewinding 
Rewinding the material more tight and keep in line. Special for films.