Non Woven Bags Manufacturing Machine
Non woven bags manufacturing machine, fully automatic, capable to manufacturing flat bag, wearing rope bag, vast bag & zipper bag in different size and thickness.

It use touch screen interface, easy to control and setting.

Auto photoelectric trace, automatic skew detection, and auto emergency break for safety.

Supersonic double emboss welding ensure firm and strong combine and heave load bearing.

1.Schematic Diagram

2.Fully Automatically Nonwoven Bag Making Machine Procedure
 Non woven fabric autofolding -> Bag month folding ->Thermal bonding -> Side folding -> Bottom gusset ->Thermal bonding -> Bag cut ->Collection

3.Bag Samples:

4.Bag Size

2. Technical Data
1Roller width1250mm1250mm
2Bag making speed40-100pcs/min40-100pcs/min
3Bag length100-800mm100-800mm
4Bag Height200-580mm200-680mm
5Max Gusset180mm180mm
6Power supply220V 50Hz220V 50Hz
7Total power13KW13KW
8Rated power13KW13KW
9Overall sizeL 7600* W 2100* H 2000mmL 7600* W 2100* H 2000mm
10Weight of Machine2300KGS (40HQ*1)2300KGS (40HQ*1)

C700high speed
1Roller width1250mm
2Bag making speed100pcs/min
3Bag length100-800mm
4Bag Height200-580mm
6Power supply220V 50Hz
7Total power13KW
8Rated power13KW
9Overall sizeL 7600* W 1920* H 1900mm
10Weight of Machine2300KGS (40HQ*1)

C800 Double Line
1Roller width1450mm
2Bag making speed40-100pcs/min for D cut bag
80-200pcs/min for Double Line T-shirt bag
3Bag length (D cut bag)100-800mm
4Bag Height (D cut bag)200-680mm
5Max Gusset (D cut bag)90mm
6Bag length (T-shirt bag)160-220mm
7Bag Height (T-shirt bag)200-700mm
8Max Gusset (T-shirt bag)60mm
9Power supply220V 50Hz
10Total power15KW
11Rated power15KW
12Overall sizeL 11500* W 2200* H 2000mm
13Weight of Machine2500KGS (40HQ*1)

3. Main Structure: 


4. Details