Non Woven Bag Manufacturing Machine
1. Full automatic non woven bag manufacturing machine, with loop handle online, and also able to makes other shape bags, like flat bags, vest bags, rope wearing bags.
2. Touch screen interface, able to control bag size & handle length.
3. High quality mechanical & electronic parts adopted to ensure stability & reliability. .
4. Separated unit structure, easy for maintenance.
5. Operator's safety is first concern of our design.
Technical Data:
1Roller width1250mm1450mm
2Bag making speed40-100pcs/min40-100pcs/min
3Bag length100-800mm100-800mm
4Bag Height200-580mm200-680mm
5Max Gusset180mm180mm
6Power supply220V 50Hz220V 50Hz
7Total power20KW20KW
8Rated power20KW20KW
9Overall sizeL 10000* W 2600* H 2000mmL 10000* W 2600* H 2000mm
10Weight of Machine3600KGS (40HQ*1)3600KGS (40HQ*1)
11Handle length380-600mm380-600mm
12Handle width25-30mm25-30mm

Main Unit & Structure:


Machanical Details: 



Electronic Details: