Plastic Lid Forming Machine
Modern technology and straightforward operation guarantee the plastic cup lid's production quality. Forming, punching, more punching, fully automatic transportation, and other steps have all been taken during the entire production process. Plastic sheets are formed into plastic cup lids of different sizes and shapes using the plastic lid forming machine (also known as the cup bowl lid making machine). A paper cup maker, a paper bowl maker, etc. can be paired with the plastic cover maker.
The BOPS, HIPS, PS, PVC, PET, PLA, and other plastic sheet moldings are processed by the plastic bowl cup making machine in large quantities. It is a production tool for plastic packaging products with multiple uses. For instance, plastic milk tea covers, coffee covers, cake boxes, oral liquid trays, and many other products.
An automatic integrated thermoforming machine creates plastic cup lids. It is capable of completing each step of feeding, heating, forming, punching, and punching all at once. The die-cut sheets are collected by a recycling device, and the die-cut lids are then collected by conveying. Thermoforming is used to create the pattern on the sheet from the mold.
Plastic Lid Forming Machine

Max Forming Area410x150mm410x320mm
Film WidthMax Reel Width:430mmMax Reel Width:430mm
Punching Speed8~32 Beats/minute8-30 beats/minute
Max Forming Depth30mm55mm
Move Stroke Rage30-160mm30~160mm
Power Source380V 3-phase 50Hz
WeightGW/NW: 1000KGS/800KGS1200KG/1000KG
Pack Size2300X1000X1900mm2450x1000x2000mm
Needed Water SourceWater Pressure: 0.2MPa; Water-input: 0.3M3/Hour
Needed Air SourceAir Pressure:0.5-0.7 MPa; Air input: 20.2m3/minuteNeed to buy Air Compressor