V Bottom Paper Bag Machine
DCZZ-C270 / C330
1. V bottom paper bag are widely use in fast food store, very high consumption. This is fully automation V bottom paper bag making machine. form paper roll to well collected bags.

2. Touch screen interface and pneumatic paper roll lifting system, easy and efficient.

3. Servo motor, photoelectric tracking, auto calibration insure the precision.

4. Auto magnetic tension control system.

5. Safety protection system.

Servo MotorPuncture



Main technical parameters:
Paper Thickness Range30-100g30-100g
Paper Bag Width Range80-330mm80-270mm
Paper Bag Length Range120-720mm120-400mm
Side Folding Range0-60mm0-60mm
Production Precision±0.2mm±0.2mm
Machinery Speed150-500 pcs /min150-500 pcs /min
Maximum paper roll Width1000mm900mm
Maximum Paper roll Diameter1200mm1200mm
Total Power16 KW16 KW
Machine Weight5500KGS5500KGS
Machine Color White or otherWhite or other
Machine Size7700*2000*1900mm7300*2000*1850mm

Machine Main Parts List:
Touch screen1SCHNEIDER
Puncture Servo motor1SCHNEIDER 
Traction Servo motor1SCHNEIDER 
Snap Servo motor1SCHNEIDER 
Press Servo motor1SCHNEIDER 
Bottom fold Servo motor1SCHNEIDER 
Color mark tracking photo-sensor1 Germany  SICK
Edge control system1PAUSOURCE
Magnetic powder brake1Zhejiang
Forming plate1As per customer required
Low-voltage apparatus1SCHNEIDER
Bearing HeNan
Hot melt Machine1ROBATECH

Spare Parts List
1Cutting500×14.5×0.36 pcs.puncture
2Cutting blade block1402002903252pcs eachpuncture
3Circular Cutter19×15.32×0.38 pcs.puncture
4Single Tooth Timing Belt8M×1152×402 pcs.puncture +bottom fold
6Single Tooth Timing Belt5Single Tooth Timing Belt8M×960×40
7Single Tooth Timing Belt8M×1080×401 pcs.Mainly Traction
8Single Tooth Timing Belt8M×912×401 pcs.Snap
9Single Tooth Timing Belt8M×1056×501 pcs.Mainly Traction
10Single Tooth Timing Belt8M×1456×501 pcs.Hub
11Single Tooth Timing Belt5M×390×201 pcs.Bottom glue
12Single Tooth Timing Belt5M×1100×301 pcs.Feeding
13Single Tooth Timing Belt5M×2650×301 pcs.Feeding
14Single Tooth Timing Belt5M×490×301 pcs.Assist feeding
15Flat Belt28×1.5×100001 pcs.Inside feeding
16Flat Belt28×2×80001 pcs.Broad feeding
17Round feeding beltΦ5×100001 pcs.Hub feeding
18Forming plate140;200;2901set eachAs per customer required
19Plate blockHigh 20;301set eachForming
20Hub presser340×26.5×1.24 pcs.Material: SK2 carbon tool steel δ1.2
21Bottom fold cuter340×33×12 pcs.Material: spring blade δ1
22Bottom gluer340×30×32 pcs.Aluminum profiles 30 × 3
23Snap block340×24.4×124 pcs.Red rubber
24Bottom glue side blockNylon2 pcs.Bottom glue
25Feeding rollerRubber4 pcs.Forming
26Hot machine1 pcs.
27belt glue1bottle
28Toolkit1 pcs.a set of tools
29screws and springssomeBased on the equipment