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bopp slitting rewinding machine
Машина для перемотки нетканых материалов с двойной перемоткой
1.Machine Description
1. Schematic diagram
  1. NonwovenSlitting Procedure
Paper pipe cutting -> Put on rewinding air shaft equably ->Raw material auto loading ->Automatic correct deviation -> Slitting ->Rewinding ->Collection
  1. Fabric samples:

2.Machine characteristics
This machine is for non woven fabric slitting, automatic loading the raw material and slitting the non woven fabric into different width roll by roll . Standard with 30 sets knives can change site and minute slitting width 25mm. Machine with Automatic correct deviation system and magnetic tension controller. It can give you strong support of bag and handle feeding material.
2. Machine Technical Data
1Roller width25-1800mm
2Slitting speed50-90m/min
3Min slitting width25mm
4Power supply220V 50Hz
5Total power5KW
6Rated power5KW
7Overall sizeL2400* W 1800* H 950mm
8Weight of Machine1500KGS (20HQ*1)

3.Main equipment and Description
1Feeding Unit
2Rewinding UnitMax diameter 800mm
3Roll feedingAuto tension control, centralization-
4Roll diameter1000mm
5Roller control deviceφ3″φ76mmAir Shaft
6Roller control deviceMangentic power tension
7Correcting deviation deviceAutomatica EPC syestem
8Converter Motor

III.FacilitiesBuyer prepare 
1.ElectricSingle phase220V±10%50HZ    
  1. Free Spare parts
  1. Attachment 1 – Spare parts for free
  2. Attachment 2 – Spare parts we suggest to buy
IV. After-sales service
The seller will send 1 engineer to install, test the production line and train customers’ workers in buyers’ factory. It will take 12 days for whole installation and training.

Thebuyer should cover engineers’ salary, visa cost, Round air tickets, accommodations, transportation in buyers’ country, food, medical care, safety cost, and related cost happens in buyers’ country. Also, the buyer should prepare enough labor, electric wire outside the control panel and tools for installations.

Warranty period for the delivered equipment will be 12month after completion of erection but not later than 18months after shipment. In case any item proves to be defective and the damage is confirmed by seller’s technicians within this period, the seller will at their choice either send engineer to repair or supply a new one for replacement free of charge on the basis of CNF delivery.

The above item does not include the parts, which have regular spares or the parts damaged from normal wear, abnormal operation, improper maintenance and inadequate civil works. The seller is not liable for any production loss under any circumstances.

As per export standard, they will also be treated before delivery against damage and rusting.