Hot Melt Glue Twisted Paper Handle Making Machine
1. Attaching paper rope to paper bag.

2. Hot melt glue attached paper rope is stronger than starch glue, in theory up to 15kg.

3. High speed, 170 pairs / Minute.
Twisted paper handle making machine, using hot melt glue to attache handle, strong and efficient. 

Technical Data
Paper Roll Core DiameterΦ76 mm(3'')
Max. Paper Roll DiameterΦ1000mm
Production Speed10000pairs/hour
Power Requirements380V
Total Power7.8KW
Total WeightApprox.1500kg
Overall DimensionL4000*W1300*H1500mm
Paper  Length152-190mm(Optional)
Paper Rope Handle Spacing75-95mm(Optional)
Paper Width30/40mm
Paper Rope Height100mm
Paper Roll Diameter3.0-4mm
Glue TypeHot-melt glue

Configuration List
Melt-glueHuangshang (Taiwan)
MotorGolden goal (Dongguan)
InverterRexroth (Doctor of Germany)
Magnetic BrakesDongguan
BearingNSK (Japnanese)
PaintProfessional mechanical paint
Low voltage electricalChint (Zhejiang)

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