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What is a brown paper bag made of?

author: Ray
What is a brown paper bag made of?

Everyone is talking about the future trend of environmental protection. The packaging industry is no exception. The realization of the present environmental protection method is approximately two types. One is to improve the repeating utilization rate, which now in the discussion of the recycled packaging industry is in the range. The other is to produce new materials to replace the original materials, which have the character of being recycled, like a brown paper bag. Naturally, under the trend of environmental protection, it is more and more sought after by major businesses. From HM to Uniqlo, from Gloria to ONLY, brown paper bags are more and more favored by service brands.
But the kraft paper bag is also divided into a variety of materials, such as scalper, white cowhide, and so on. How to reasonably choose the material in line with their own corporate brand culture is also a big problem in front of the majority of service sellers.
Brown paper bag material how, professionals just understand
First of all, we look at the color, divided into white kraft paper bags and yellow paper bags into two categories.
But white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags are subdivided into several. For the white kraft paper bag, for example, it can be divided into the white kraft paper and the high white kraft paper. Their difference is the depth of white. The high white kraft paper bag is printed with color to be more gorgeous. On this basis, some manufacturers have developed a striped kraft paper, of course, for kraft paper has developed, such as pearlescent white cowhide, coated white cowhide, and so on, into new categories.
These are the things that we think about carefully when we're doing the design.
Brown paper bags can have many different colors printed on them.
Secondly, from the point of view of use, brown paper bags are more widely classified.
We all know that because brown paper bags have the characteristics of environmental protection, not only the clothing industry, food, beauty and other industries are in the application, but the factory is also targeted to develop a lot of functions, such as oil waterproof paper bags, paper bags, anti-rust paper bags, paper bags, stickers, paper bags, super insulation bearing paper bags, paper bags, and so on. We, as unilateral dealers, may not all be used, so we in the design must understand the need to choose their functions so you can spend the least amount of money and get the most value.
Brown paper bags are also very versatile.
Third, according to the different materials, the classification of kraft paper bags is not the same.
We all know that paper bag material is not only related to raw materials but also related to the number of layers, so kraft paper bag material is divided into recycled kraft paper bag, kraft base paper, composite kraft paper bag, wood pulp kraft paper bag, and so on.
Therefore, different materials' hardness and roughness are also different, which has a great impact on printing and other later stages. Therefore, we must first understand before making paper bags.
Kraft paper paper bags are also classified into many kinds of materials.
We said so much. I think if we go to custom kraft paper bags, they must have formed their own thoughts and know how to choose suitable for their own kraft paper raw materials.