Disposable Paper Bowl Making Machine Kraft Paper Bowl Round Takeaway Soup Bowl Porridge Bucket Dessert Packaging Takeaway Box with Lid
Main Features:

1. Bottom sealing by hot air devices, so that the machine is efficient, the hot air device is imported from Switzerland.

2. And cup side sealing by ultrasonic.

3. More efficient and higher performance.

4. Cup top curling and bottom knurling are finished by separate turn-plates.

5. It is easy to make cups with different sizes by changing moulds.

6. With automatic cup delivery system with counter.
A fully automatic paper cup and soup bowl making machine is the DCGH1500. Through multi-row automatic paper feeding, servo bottom feeding, ultrasonic welding, manipulator paper tube transfer, oil injection, bottom flushing, bottom folding, preheating, kling, cup unloading, and other continuous processes, it can reliably produce all different types of paper cups with various specifications. Our company independently developed this paper bowl machine after extensive technological advancement to increase the stability of the entire machine.

CALIBER RANGEΦ125-185mmΦ125-150mm
CUP HEIGHT RANGE40-80mm40-130mm

10 divide open cam+10 sets of molds;        

7 divide open cam+7 sets of molds(bowl top curling mold):

Two hot air devices for bottom sealing.

Continuous Automatic Spray Lubrication.
​​​​​​​Full-gear drive.