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full automatic non woven box bag making machine with handle online high speed
Automatic Non Woven Box Bag Making Machine With Handle Online
Tinuo Leader serious non woven box bag making machine is an full automatic equipment, loaded with handle making and welding in one. no extra machine and labor needed, efficiency and durable.

Most advanced full automatic non woven box bag making machine with handle online, developed at 2013.

Heavy duty equipment, body weight 12 Tons, composed of top quality parts. (similar equipment in the market weight 4-6 tons)

11 sets of servo motor + 33 sets of stepping motors, Automatic PEC system, auto tracking and adjusting.

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PP non woven lamination material requirement

PP non woven (pp melt index 16 ,the calendar temperature 170-180)
Lamination material  
PP:PE =4:1           Opp thickness should be 0.015mm-0.018mm
PP melt thickness 10-15gsm
Opp should be shining opp,both side with corona

1-2-1,Leader can perform good with few labour, higher efficient &lower cost, its the most competitive machine in non woven bag making.
1-2-2,Non woven bag have more advantages when compare with nonwoven sewing bag and paper bag.

Technical Data

1Roller width550-1160mm500-1150mm
2Bag making speed60-85pcs/min40-110pcs/min
6Power supply380V380V
7Total power35KW50KW
8Rated power12KW38KW
9Overall sizeL9500* W 4100* H 2625mmL9500* W 4500* H 2600mm
10Weight of Machine12000KGS (40HQ*1)9500KGS (40HQ*1)
12Handle Width25mm25mm/30mm

Main unit


Main Parts
Part 1 Feeding Unit
1RollFeeding1SETAuto tension control
3RollerControlDevice10KGMagnetic power tension
4CorrectingDeviationDevice1SETAutomatic EPC system
5AutomaticShutdownSystemAutomatic tracking control
6Photoelectric Eye1SETAutomatic adjusting
7Bag Mouth Folding Device2SETSAutomatic adjusting
8Bag Mouth Sealing Device2SETSAutomatic adjusting
9Ultrasonic2SETSØ55MM Round mould
10Bag Mouth Folding Step Motor1SET
11Converter Motor1SET1.5KW

Part 2 Soft Handle Sealing Unit
1Handle Feeding Part2SETSMax Diameter up to 1000mm
2Automatic ShutdownSystem2SETSEach side have one electric eye checking the fabric.
3Online Handle Sealing Device2SETSHandle Length: 380-600mm
Handle Width: 25mm
4Touch Screen2SETS
5Ultrasonic4SETSTwo sets each side;
Ø55MM Round mould 1SET;
mould 1SET
6Handle Sealing Part 110 Step Motor4SETSTwo sets each side
7Handle Sealing Part 57 Step Motor2SETSOne set each side
8Handle Sealing Part 42 Step Motor4SETSTwo sets each side
9Direct Current Motor 2SETSOne set each side
10Handle Sealing Part Forward/Backward Step Motor1SET
11Inverter2PCSOne set each side
12Relay8PCSFour sets each side
1357 Step Motor/42 Step Motor Drive6PCSThree sets each side
14110 Step Motor Drive4PCSTwo sets each side

Part 3 Host Box Forming Unit
1Bag Width Adjusting Shelf Device1SETAutomatic Height Adjusting according to bag width plus gusset
2Online Creasing Device1SETAutomatic Adjusting according to bag gusset
3Cutter Device1SETStrike-slip dislocation cutter, Save 6mm fabric each cut
4Mould Up/Down Device1SETShelf adopt whole castings
5Box Bag Gusset Forming Device2SETSEach side with visual ultrasonic sealing push device
6Touch Screen1SETMain Operation Computer
7Remoter1SETOne Transmitter;
One Receiver
8Host Mould Up/Down Servo Motor1SET9.5KW
9Ultrasonic Power Servo Motor2SETS2KW
10Bag Grab Servo Motor2SETS2KW
11Online Creasing Servo Motor1SET1.5KW
12Cork BaseForward/Back Servo Motor1SET400W
13Side Insert 110
Step Motor
14Feeding Servo Motor2SETS14.1KW
15Bottom Inserter Advance/Back Servo Motor2SETS750W
16Bottom Inserter Up/Down Step Motor2SETS
17Cutter Step Motor1SET
18Bag Release Step Motor4SETS
19Left/Right Panel Step Motor2SETS
20Shelf Up/Down Step Motor1SET
21Online Creasing Position Adjusting Step Motor1SET
22Online Creasing Distance Adjusting Step Motor1SET
23Bag Release Position Adjusting Step Motor4SETS
24Photoelectric Eye Adjusting Step Motor1SET
25Ultrasonic2SETS350*50MM Glyptic mould
26Ultrasonic2SETS200*100MM Glyptic mould
27HostMotionController1SETStrong security of machine more safe operation
28?Host Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)2SETS
29Host Box Forming Unit Inverter1SET2.2KW
30Circuit breaker
31Circuit breaker
34Pneumatic component
35Pneumatic component
Part 4 Bag Collect Unit
1Bag Collect Device1SET
3Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)2SETS
5Step Motor1SET
6Magnetic Valve2SETS
8Touch Screen1SET
9Converter Motor1SET1.5KW


Leader Non Woven Box Bag Making Machine Comparison
1Industry characterProfessional focus on non woven bag making industry, with R & D and innovationVariety business, as plastic package, cover lots of other business
2HistoryWe keep R & D for four years, Leader has been sold since 2013 about five yearsImitation, sales less than three year
3Market share80%20%
4Machine Weight12Ton4-6Ton
5Steel cutting and weldingSawing machine: smooth incisions, standard angle.Ordinary abrasive cutting off machine.
Standard welding platform:Guaranteed The levelness and verticality of steel weldingNo standard welding platform. Welding free on the ground, Frame deformed easily.
6Parts processing technologyThree-dimensional five-NC machine tools: high precision, high quality. We regard precision and quality as the standard.
Seriously deal with each processing accessories.
(Example: 1. Heidelberg screws 2. What is three-dimensional five-sided processing)
On the outside processing, with the most common pain plus vertical processing machine, do not pay attention to quality and precision, to efficiency.
7Left and right large boardBoard thickness is 4cm, the machine running stable under high-speed producing. Relatively thin, Production instability (one aspect)
8Side insert boardSingle castling, levelness is very good, producing steady, Easy adjustUse screw to joint the parts, easy inclined, Not at right position, producing not steady, bag mouth not at same level
9Electrical11 sets servo motor, 33 sets stepping motors,safe and steady, Long working lifeNormal China made servo motor & stepping motor, cylinders low quality
10ControllerTrio motion controller with PLC combined, double protection, Signal is not disturbed, Safe and steady, long service lifeOnly PLC control, easy to be to be distracted, not safe
11Guide rail + MouldLow noise,energy saving.Adopt smart mould save time for changing mould and save moneyNormal mould, long time for changing mould, high cost of mould, Customize mould need time,can not use in time
12UltrasonicOur Own brand Ultrasonic, 72 hours running test, quality guaranty, after sales service in timeThey purchase Ultrasonic from other company, don't have their own brand ultrasonic.
Quality and after-sales service can not be guaranteed
13Touchscreen control systemGet ability to analyze production data,such as machine stop reason,etc.Normal display system
14EPC system3 EPC system1-2 EPC system
15Intelligence levelMachine adopt more intelligent design to operation more conveniently.
Reduce the time when you change bag size and save more time for produce
It is high dependent on the workers operation skill, experience and good eyes.
Need more time for operation when change the bag side, and waste more material cost and time cost.

III.FacilitiesBuyer prepare before engineer arrives 
Electric3-phase, 4-wire; 380V±10% 50Hz    
Air0.75Mpa; 15KW screw-type compressor is suggested