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Biodegradable Shopping Bag Making Machine
Automatic High Speed Inside Glue Patch Handle Bag
Automatic High Speed Inside Glue Patch Handle Bag

1. Single sheet film folding unit (hydraulic auto loading device)
2. Double sealing knife device
3. Bottom sealing knife device
4. Triangle folding device


Technical Parameter
Model:DCSZ-800NJTDCSZ-800NJT+WOptional Equipment
Length of bag-making750mm750mm+W Wicket type collect
Width of bag-making600mm600mm
Speed of bag-making80-130pcs/min100-180pcs/min
Line speed60m/min80m/min
Bottom gusset30-80mm30-80mm
Width of the patch film145mm145mm
Total Power16KW28.6KW
Machine Weight3500KG4350KG
Machine Dimension [LxWxH]11000 X1900 x2600mm14001400X1900 x2850mm
Air compressor [not included]6HP7.5HP

Options: wicket collect unit 

1. Flexible glue pasting patch film feeding system, fully automatic (PATENT)
2. Pre-sealing knife, heated on double sides and strong for fusing, to make the bags without deformation
3. The best quality of Italian side sealing knife, Heated to high temperatures not deformation
4.Newly design of sealing knife top lift and turn over system
5.Its designed by heating punching and it's easy to cut off, the waster is excluded automatically.


1.Unwind unit adopts hydraulic lifting device,max.diameter of the unwinder is 900mm.
2.Adopts AC frequency motor driving constant tension control,feeding speed is according to the producing speed.
3.Unwinding shaft adopts heavy-chain air shaft.
4.Unwinding device adopts 1600mm triangle folding device, which can be adjustable.
5.Unwinder part has the EPC.

Gluing Patch

1.Patch Film is driven by the host linkage. Gluing,slitting,cutting to sticking,it accomplishes with high speed automatically and at one go.
2.Patch film unwinder is driven by AC motor,initiative unwinding,full automatic constant tension control.
3.Patch film with EPC tracking
4.High rigidity white steel spot cutter
5.Gluing roller is driven by motor,individual adjusting
6.Quantity of gelatinizing is adjustable, deducing producing cost,high capacity.
7.Gluing mode: hot-melt glue device

Handle Part:

1. Handle hole adopts heat punching mould design,easy cutting (cold puncher for optional purchasing)
2. High rigidity puncher,it is easy to maintain mould.
3.Waste film at the puncher is dropping automatically,have locker to collecting the waste film.
4.Puncher size: 20×90mm 

Photocell and pre-heating device:
1) Printing Image Tracking adopts SICK-Germany photocell,zero malfunction,sealing and cutting correct.
2) The pre-sealing knife is designed specially with embossed four layers to strengthen the sealing part.
3) Double side heating,double cylinder driven,strong for fusing,and strong for sealing.

Side sealing Part:

1. side sealing knife principal axis transmission belt cylinder lifting and down.
2. Side sealing knife with water cycle cooling system.
3. Turnover heavy-side sealing knife,humanism structure,turn fast,easy for cleaning.1.

Convey collect device:

1. Collect table adopts automatic collecting bag feeding (Intermission mode)
2. When the bag reaches to a certainty quantity,collect table will move automatically,and continues producing.
3. Collect table is driven by AC motor with inverter control.