Ultrasonics Sewing Machine
Tinuo High quality ultrasonic sewing machine manufacturers, Safe and easy to operate; It can be fused in straight line and arc. It can meet the waterproof, sealing, antibacterial and other functional requirements of the fused products.
1. Machine characteristics
2. Feature
Ultrasonic Sewing Machine used for manual welding or sealing of side or mouth of non woven bags,
Usually used for sample bag making before bulk production in automatic machine. 

3. Machine Technical Data
1Output0-18 m/min
2Working frequency20 KHz
3Output frequency1.5 kw
4Effective breadth10 mm
5Equipped pattern mould12mmxØ51mm; 50mmxØ51mm
6Power supply220V±5V 50HZ
7Overall size1250x610x1280 mm
8Weight140 kg